opinion 11/28/2018, 12:00pm

Run-On Sentences: A backward step for Michigan

During midterm elections my home state of Michigan passed Proposal 1 56-44, making it the first Midwest state to legalize recreational marijuana. The state legalized medical marijuana in 2008, and to many in the state, it was only a matter of time before it was legalized in full.

opinion 10/31/2018, 2:45am

Shepard’s Corner: Why Indiana Matters

The United States is gripped with yet another election season I can honestly say that it is a very unique one. You’ve probably already heard candidates and voters alike parading this as the highest-stakes election in the modern history of this country. 

opinion 10/30/2018, 2:45pm

Unspoken: Taking up the ticket

I believe it is our civic duty to vote. Not only do I believe it is our civic duty, I believe it is a privilege we possess as Americans that should not be taken lightly.

opinion 10/25/2018, 2:45pm

Café con Leche: Yo hablo español

“Thank you for calling customer service, for English press one. Para Español oprima el número dos.” We’ve all heard it, it’s engraved into our brains. It’s a fact that we live in a multi-language country, with Spanish being the second most predominant language spoken according to WorldAtlas.

opinion 10/17/2018, 9:30am

Adult-ish: The Coming Out Process

As a queer woman, I have to come out over and over again. This process can be exhausting, especially as I’ve come to realize that straight people never have to “come out.” 

opinion 10/4/2018, 9:00am

Pencil Shavings: The Giant Chop

I grew up in a town about 20 minutes south of Indianapolis in Greenwood, Indiana. I went to Center Grove High School. According to the U.S. News and World Report, the diversity rate there as of the 2015-2016 school year, the year I graduated, was 11 percent. 

opinion 9/20/2018, 12:43pm

Unspoken: Suicide has a face

Suicide is something that is talked about so often in today’s society, but never seems like it can be talked about enough. We know suicide is a very sad and serious problem. We know that it is an issue that plagues our nation and world.