Elena Stidham


Loud and Clear: Hellfire

“Like fire. Hellfire.”  These lyrics from the song “Hellfire,” from the movie “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” scorched into my brain the moment I found out the Notre Dame in Paris, France was burning. 

Loud and Clear: Love is not just romance

“I love you” is a term I have said the most to people who aren’t my romantic partner. Ever since I was a child these words have referred to my friends, my family and even my roommate. Yet as I got older I learned that these habits are almost always overshadowed by a completely different context: romance.

Loud and Clear: Christmas in a drink

Each holiday has that one food that completely polarises humanity as much as politics. It can range from something simple as candy corn on Halloween to something as personal as cranberry relish on Thanksgiving. 

Loud and Clear: The parasite

Good morning. It’s going to get better.  I repeat these phrases over and over. From the very moment I open my eyes all throughout the day until I close them once again.