Summer Camps 5/12/2022, 5:00pm

Local camps available for summer 2022

With summer on the horizon for K-12 students, it may be time for some parents to gather options for what their children can/will do once the school year ends. For many, the answer comes in the form of summer camp.

opinion 5/5/2022, 8:00pm

OUR VIEW: Striving for what?

The editorial board hopes the RISE ticket can further the progress Strive has made and cement itself as SGA leadership that listens to the student body, however, with Strive’s term ended, we must assign the previous slate an incomplete grade.

Community 5/3/2022, 4:00pm

Rece Barnes shares what inspired him to create GR8 Creations grill

GR8 Creations is the name of Rece Barnes’ privately owned business where he sells food to people from his personal grill. He sets up right outside The Chug, a bar in the Village, and at other various locations such as basketball games, street parties and even directly out of his home. 

enterprise 5/2/2022, 3:00pm

Muncie’s Maker Force

A former 80,000-square-foot laundry facility in Muncie holds limitless possibilities.  Boombox music fills the second floor while artists move tables to set up for First Thursday, a monthly event to draw people to explore art and culture downtown. A woodworker helps children build birdhouses while Steven Knipp colors hair in his salon a few doors down. Adjacent businesses invite people in for gift shopping or ax throwing.