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5 national stories of the week

Kobe Bryant’s memorial service, Harvey Weinstein’s conviction, the South Carolina Democratic presidential debate, sex abuse allegations against a former University of Michigan doctor and actor Jussie Smollett’s not guilty pleas make up this week’s five national stories. 

News 2/24/2020, 10:00am

5 international stories of the week

The aftermath of a racist shooting incident in Germany, updated numbers of people affected by the new virus outbreak, President Donald Trump’s visit to India, the U.N. chief’s call to action on human rights and Julian Assange’s extradition hearing make up this week’s five international stories. 

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Cardinals get MAC win against NIU



Writing their next chapter

Communities 1/29/2020, 3:00pm

Ball State students volunteer to help Muncie YOC residents read at grade level through intervention.

There’s Sarah, whose mother tries to drown her; Bruno, who sneaks into a concentration camp to help a Jewish boy; and Katniss, who volunteers to take her sister’s place in an annual event where 24 kids fight each other to their deaths.



Full Dis-Chlo-Sure: The awful Oxford

opinion Last Updated 3 hours ago

If you’re literate, you shouldn’t need an extra comma to hold your hand.

Does it ever just hit you out of nowhere how little you actually know about someone until a difference comes up?