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Power, wealth and athleticism in the NFL leads to unjust privileges

I used to be a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan, but it all changed when Deshaun Watson was traded, bringing the NFL’s history back to the surface. I wanted them to do well and maintain good standards for the sake of the city's reputation, but I can no longer support a business or team that dismisses abuse towards women.

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Men's Basketball 12/3/2022, 6:05pm

Ball State beaten by Duquesne buzzer-beater

Jaylin Sellers takes the handoff and goes straight to the basket for a layup plus the foul. He drains the free throw to give Ball State Men's Basketball a two-point lead with 12 seconds to go. Duquesne makes its way up the court, scrambling to either tie or win the game. Ball State defends their matchups well until Tre Clark III gets the ball on the left wing. He dribbles and shot fakes, but Jarron Coleman doesn’t bite. It doesn’t matter. He shoots it anyway. The buzzer sounds and the basket is good. The Dukes win, 78-77. 

Football 12/3/2022, 2:20pm

BREAKING: Carson Steele enters the transfer portal

"I want to thank Ball State for taking a chance on me when no one else believed in me," Steele said. "The coaches, players and staff have been more than great to me for the last two years and I'm so thankful for the friendships that I have made and I will cherish them forever."

Delaware County High School Boys Basketball 12/3/2022, 11:13am

Cowan defeats Tri-Central 84-71

The second quarter was not much different with both teams scoring 17 points a piece. Groves talked about the shooting performances from the two schools.

“I thought both teams were going to reach 100 [points],” he said. “They shot lights out and we shot pretty decent in the first half.”

But after halftime, the Blackhawks stepped on the gas pedal and did not look back. They scored 29 points in the fourth quarter, 15 more points than the Trojans. Junior guard Timmy Watson was instrumental in the comeback.

Women's Volleyball 12/1/2022, 11:12pm

Cardinals' season comes to a close in loss to Marquette

After 32 games, a regular season championship, an appearance in the Mid-American Conference (MAC) tournament championship  and an appearance in the NCAAtournament, it is over. Ball State was swept in straight sets by the no. 4 seed in the Texas Quarter of the bracket, Marquette University. 

10/14/2022, 10:00am

Art and All Its Forms

Ball State students in the Ceramics Lab work with lots of different kinds of clay, and for lots of different reasons. Two art students and a ceramics professor share their stories with the Ball State Daily News and reveal what the medium means to them.

enterprise 5/2/2022, 3:00pm

Muncie’s Maker Force

A former 80,000-square-foot laundry facility in Muncie holds limitless possibilities. 

Boombox music fills the second floor while artists move tables to set up for First Thursday, a monthly event to draw people to explore art and culture downtown. A woodworker helps children build birdhouses while Steven Knipp colors hair in his salon a few doors down. Adjacent businesses invite people in for gift shopping or ax throwing.

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Tri-Central Boy's Basketball Beats Cowan



Habitat’s Heroine

Enterprise 3/28/2022, 7:20pm

Greater Muncie, Indiana Habitat for Humanity, Inc. wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of Sharon Brown.

With a bottle of water, reading materials and a phone charging on the table beside her, Sharon Kay Brown sits in her favorite rocking chair every Tuesday evening and tunes into NBC’s “Chicago Fire.”



Love languages could change the romantic lives of college students

RELATIONSHIPS 11/18/2022, 8:24pm

Gary Chapman’s book “The 5 Love Languages” creates long-term benefits to the mental health of college students in relationships

I’m not saying love languages have to take over your whole life, but in my experience, having them in the back of your mind and putting in an effort makes things easier.


The Active Minds club at Ball State looks to break down mental health stigmas

12/2/2022, 10:00am

Active Minds officers and members discuss their goals for the new chapter of the national organization

Ball State welcomes a new chapter of Active Minds, a mental health advocacy organization founded in 2003, with Kelsey Dunn at the helm as president. She and her fellow members discuss what drew them to the organization and how they hope to give back.