Zach Gonzalez


Neighbors share priorities in two south Muncie neighborhoods

Since 2015, the 8twelve Coalition has worked alongside residents, businesses and nonprofits to improve the quality of life in the South Central and Thomas Park/Avondale neighborhoods. Coalition Coordinator Darbi Strahle said many of the coalition’s efforts start with meaningful conversations and relationships.In mid-November, neighbors gathered in the basement of Urban Light Community Church to discuss the following priorities: beautification, housing, business development and employment, wellness and education and family support.

Ross Center Judo Academy: For when life knocks you down

When students bow their heads and step onto mats for judo training at Muncie’s Ross Community Center, they learn far more than martial arts. Students gain discipline, self-confidence and strength along with social connection and problem-solving skills.

New Ball State University project to help high school students with autism transition into next steps

CAST’s main goal is to help individuals with autism smoothly transition out of high school depending on their intended career path, whether through college or not, by working with parents and teachers to increase employment chances for each student. The program enables one of the first transition-planning intervention projects backed up by research to come to both the Department of Special Education and the Department of Educational Psychology. 

Meet me at the Mall?

As online shopping expands, malls are decreasing in number and slowly becoming extinct. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond the number of malls in the country has dropped from 1,500 in 2005 to 1,150 today. The Muncie Mall is being auctioned for a sheriff’s sale.