Grayson Joslin


We Are All Part of Beneficence

Ball State faculty, students, alumni and president Geoffrey Mearns comment on the significance of Beneficence, the winged statue that has been here for 85 years on September 26. 

Another Chance For Damage

The message of this tale is simple: people should not go to events that they do not agree with. And the fact of the matter is that people have been attending Sister Cindy’s sermons to protest her contested views; however, these protests may be the fuel that allows Sister Cindy to become more popular with each passing day.

Flying Towards the History Books

One of the numerous small city teams from the early age of the NFL came from the city which would become known as “Middletown.” In 1920, Muncie, Indiana, with a modest population of 36,000, became the home of a charter franchise of the future NFL.

My autism is not a tragedy.

Society has used inappropriate language to describe autism; using demeaning and belittling language to then build up a narrative of someone “heroically” overcoming their disability. This is one of the reasons why I despise shows like “America’s Got Talent” so much for how they depict people with autism. We are just trying to do the same things that neurotypical people do; our path to doing it is just different.

JOSLIN: Homophobia unacceptable in the face of growing monkeypox concerns

Monkeypox is mostly spread through person-to-person contact, including during sexual contact. It can also spread through touching objects, especially if it is shared by two or more people, and also by contact with an animal that has been infected with monkeypox. Monkeypox is not a sexually transmitted disease, and it can be spread through other non-sexual means.

JOSLIN: 2022 is the year of parity for NASCAR

JOSLIN: With the success of the Next Gen car so far and the goal to bring more teams and manufacturers into the sport, it could mean once again, anyone can win on any given Sunday. 

JOSLIN: Is this the end of Privacy?

My mom noted something when we talked about the ruling in the privacy of our home. She noted how her grandmother was not even able to open a checking account whenever she was starting a family in the 1940s and 1950s, and how she was scared that women’s rights in this country would regress following this decision.

JOSLIN: Vince McMahon, leave WWE (fully)

JOSLIN: Despite stepping down as the CEO and chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Vince McMahon still has creative control that needs to be discharged.