Demi Lawrence


Unspoken: Taking up the ticket

I believe it is our civic duty to vote. Not only do I believe it is our civic duty, I believe it is a privilege we possess as Americans that should not be taken lightly.

Unspoken: Suicide has a face

Suicide is something that is talked about so often in today’s society, but never seems like it can be talked about enough. We know suicide is a very sad and serious problem. We know that it is an issue that plagues our nation and world. 

Unspoken: Too Little, Too Late

On Aug. 3, Ball State University’s Board of Trustees released a statement regarding alumni John Schnatter’s - more popularly known as Papa John - use of the N-word during a meeting.

Demi's Diems: The voters are coming

Pew Research Center defines “Millennials” as those aged 22-35, and also says that as of April 2016, Millennials made up 31 percent of the voter pool with a population of 69.2 million.