John Lynch


Cardinal Music Group promotes, produces Indiana music

Pressed In Black, a reggae rock band from Kokomo, Indiana, spent Sunday afternoon in the recording studios of the Music Instruction Building, working with members of Cardinal Music Group (CMG) to record their newest album.

Village businesses feel financial strain from COVID-19

Though Ball State students and the business they bring to Muncie have returned, businesses in the Village are still feeling the stress of statewide quarantine mandates and the extended summer brought on by the university’s early dismissal last semester.

Ball State College Democrats, Republicans gear up for 2020 elections.

Lynn Teter wasn’t always politically involved. While the 2016 election was her initiation into politics, the Ball State elementary education freshman said the 2018 shooting incident at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and the events that followed got her interested in political activism.