Jordan Rhodes


Shepard’s Corner: Too far gone

In the past few weeks and days, I have looked at the recent government shutdown, the division it has caused and I can’t help but notice the blatant disregard for facts, logic and reality. I am not a fan of President Trump, but this goes far beyond that.  This goes for his supporters.

Shepard’s Corner: Why Indiana Matters

The United States is gripped with yet another election season I can honestly say that it is a very unique one. You’ve probably already heard candidates and voters alike parading this as the highest-stakes election in the modern history of this country. 

THE CHAT ROOM: Groundbreaking new take on Zelda

I know it sounds like I’m just fawning over another Zelda game because it’s another great Zelda game and I’m a fanboy. While all of that is true, I can honestly guarantee you this is the first Zelda game since the very first title that has broken the mold in this way and it has reimagined Zelda into the mainstream.

THE CHAT ROOM: Travel ban or something bigger?

I want my friend to see his grandparents, I want that child who dreamt of coming to America to be welcomed, and I just don’t want us to lose part of what makes America great in the first place: immigrants.