opinion 3/13/2019, 4:49pm

Sharp Around the Edges: Abandoning neverland

When I was eight, people called me weird for liking Michael Jackson. I would dance around the house to songs like “Beat It,” “Bad,” “Billie Jean” and “Smooth Criminal” blasting through the earphones on my iPod Shuffle.

opinion 3/5/2019, 11:00am

Open-Minded: Out of service

You open your phone after a long day of classes, homework and social-life drama. All you want in your life is to text your BFF, turn on the new Ariana Grande album and check Instagram for the 100th time that day.  But, as you hit your home screen, you get a pop-up message: “Please login to iCloud account.”

News 2/22/2019, 10:00am

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Elevate is the slate Ball State needs

It’s that time of year again, Ball State. It’s time to elect a new executive slate for the Student Government Association. You have a big decision to make, one which will impact how SGA operates during the next school year and potentially for years to come.  

opinion 2/14/2019, 2:00pm

Loud and Clear: Love is not just romance

“I love you” is a term I have said the most to people who aren’t my romantic partner. Ever since I was a child these words have referred to my friends, my family and even my roommate. Yet as I got older I learned that these habits are almost always overshadowed by a completely different context: romance.

opinion 2/13/2019, 11:30am

Kennedi’s Kaleidoscope: Recognizing all disabilities

Breath in for four counts, hold for four counts and exhale for four counts. Clench your toes and relax. Clench your teeth and relax. Clench your fists and relax. Remember to stay still and breathe slowly. Close your eyes and picture a moment that makes you happy, a concert that changed your life or a person you love. This helps me cope. This is how I get through the day in one piece. But it does not stop the panic attacks from happening.

opinion 2/6/2019, 11:06am

Shepard’s Corner: Too far gone

In the past few weeks and days, I have looked at the recent government shutdown, the division it has caused and I can’t help but notice the blatant disregard for facts, logic and reality. I am not a fan of President Trump, but this goes far beyond that.  This goes for his supporters.