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A Love Letter to Mother Earth

While the past 52 years have pushed some waves of environmentalism ashore, those who celebrate you  will always inevitably be squandered by the overwhelmingly selfish population. 

Under the Information Ocean

Social media is a double-edged sword; it tempts you with the information you know will weigh down your soul.  

Hiding in the Shadows

Women aren’t taught “what’s next” when they choose not to have kids or are unable — they are simply asked “why?”

One Last Lap

There’s nothing wrong with five, or three, or taking a gap semester and coming back to study something completely different than what you originally had planned.

Puppy Love

Mabel has never received emotional support training, yet she knows how to communicate what she needs, and more importantly, what she thinks I need. 

Finding the Light

 The consequences of overworking need to be normalized, not glamorized.