Letter to the Editor: Please be patient with the university

With all of the news and happenings with COVID-19, this is a scary time for students. We are unsure about what our future is going to look like: will we transition well to all online learning? Will we get to keep our jobs? Will we be able to pay for food, for housing, for other necessities? Will we graduate on time?

Letter to the Editor: Thank you, voters

You did it. You voted you bugged your friends to vote, you posted on your social media accounts, you supported your favorite candidates, you got loud, you cared, and you showed up. There are more of us who believe in inclusivity and opportunity, who reject hate and fear, and who stand together with love for our community and hope for our campus. There are more of us. So let’s keep showing up. 

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Freedom of speech is a right for all, including university students

Freedom of speech, enshrined as the first of many freedoms guaranteed under the Bill of Rights in our Constitution, is just as important today as it was back in 1791. President Trump’s executive order to ensure that universities and institutions promote free speech is not a government overreach, but rather a protection of one of our most basic human rights.