Lifestyle 1/18/2018, 12:07pm

Adult-ish: Oppression is oppression

Out of all of the organizations out there, a writers' workshop would be the one that I would least expect to discriminate against someone simply for the way that they look.

Lifestyle 1/18/2018, 12:00am

Adult-ish: Literature is a window into society

I read books about African-American stories and by African-American authors. It is often too easy to become comfortable in my privilege and to not be aware of what is happening to people because of their skin color.

Lifestyle 1/16/2018, 3:00pm

Demi's Diems: Of Monsters and War

I hadn’t talked to you much that day, and I won’t lie, I was a little worried. You had been sending me very troubling text messages about how you “couldn’t cope anymore”, and when I reminded you of all the beautiful things in the world, you said it still wasn’t enough to not make you want to die. Still, I sat and talked you through your episode. Because I love you and I’d done it many times before.