Garrett Looker


Finding Beneficence: To dare greatly

It's the first night of the last year of my time here at Ball State University. Tonight, I'm alone. I felt that that needed to happen, so I drove.

Former Ball State linebacker receives 4-year sentence

It’s been nearly a decade since Wendell Brown played his last snap on the gridiron for Ball State University. In the last two years, Brown went from being a football coach traveling abroad in China to being detained in a foreign prison. 

Shafer Tower: 48 bells and 150 feet

Each hour, on the hour, Ball State students and faculty are reminded of not only the time of day, but of a landmark that stands at the center of the Cardinal campus. 

Finding Beneficence: For Love of Country

Between the times of 6:32 and 6:49 a.m. on Wednesday, President Donald Trump retweeted three videos depicting possible Muslim aggression. One of which involved the beatings and possible murders of two individuals.