Jake Helmen


Unspoken: The other white meat

Getting your protein from animals is just so 2000s nowadays, and Burger King is keeping up with this trend. On August 8, the fast food chain announced it would start serving a meatless, plant-based patty called the Impossible Whopper for a limited time at more than 7,000 locations across America. I decided to try this new plant-based patty out.

Proposed Waelz Sustainable Plant in Muncie discontinued

After discussions between officials from the city of Muncie, the Muncie Redevelopment Commission (MRC), and Waelz Sustainable Products LLP (WSP), a plan to bring a WSP plant to Muncie has ended, according to a press release.

VIDEO: Interview with Katheleen Jamieson

Kathleen Hall Jamieson spoke to The Daily News about how Russian hackers were able to impact the 2016 Presidential Election, and how precautions are being taken for the upcoming election.