Listicle 11/15/2021, 5:00pm

A brief history behind 10 common Thanksgiving dishes

With Thanksgiving break slowly upon us, the familiar taste of a home-cooked, or store-bought, Thanksgiving meal starts inching closer to our mouths — the sizzling hot, golden-brown turkey basting in the oven, the smell of grandma’s homemade pumpkin pie and the sound of everyone laughing together at the dinner table. 

Campus 11/2/2021, 5:00pm

Six ways students can be more eco-friendly

Being environmentally friendly not only helps the planet but also your wallet. It can help you cut down on your electricity bills when you unplug appliances that are not in use. Here are six tips on how to be more eco-friendly in your day-to-day life. 

Alumni Spotlight 9/21/2021, 10:14am

Grammy and Academy award winner Tiara Thomas reflects on her career success

Tiara Thomas started teaching herself how to play guitar at the age of 12. She took her guitar with her to school, telling her classmates she would win a Grammy one day before she knew how to play the instrument. At the 63rd annual Grammy Awards earlier this year, Thomas proved her 12-year-old self and her classmates right.

Communities 9/16/2021, 10:00am

Muncie-based Facebook group creates community for steampunk enthusiasts

Tired of dressing in his regular sweatpants and a T-shirt, Jessie Creselious was searching for a new pair of vintage-style boots when he stumbled upon an ad for an event hosted by Circle City Aerodrome, a nonprofit organization for Indianapolis and Hoosier steampunk enthusiasts to “berth their airships.”

Alumni Spotlight 9/13/2021, 12:15pm

Ashley C. Ford reflects on her time as a student to bestselling author

Ashley C. Ford was nearly 10 years old when she felt it might be true she had an inclination toward writing. Ford was sitting in her third grade classroom during poetry week, and there were two new movies on Ford’s mind that she was “obsessed” with, both starring Leonardo DiCaprio: “Titanic” and “Romeo + Juliet.”