LGBTQ+ 4/22/2024, 10:00am

With limited performance opportunities in Muncie, local drag artists bond through mutual support

After spending the day cutting hair for those who find themselves in his salon chair, Chandler Skye heads out for the evening, but he doesn’t return straight home. Instead, he heads to the venue of his next show and finds himself onstage with a full face of makeup, a wig and an eye-catching outfit. In front of the audience, he is no longer known as Chandler Skye. In his shift from the hair salon to the stage, he becomes Aura Aurora, a well-known Muncie drag queen.

Partnership Paper 4/15/2024, 12:33pm

Muncie Southside’s robotics team fosters STEM learning

After a school day ends at Muncie Southside Middle School, most students return home, but a select few enter Brian DeRome’s classroom to learn about robotics.They wander in to the white-covered brick classroom, with chatty conversation about homework assignments and the upcoming practice. 

Muncie Local 4/8/2024, 10:00am

The local artist behind The Cup’s alien-like art

The Cup’s patrons might take their beverage into the seating area to the tune of an indie-alternative song and like Jessica Wolfe, a 2023 graduate of Ball State University, they might notice new additions to the walls since their last visit.