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The Sew Must Go On

Theater costumes can enhance a show by describing a character’s personality, their feelings, and the action that is taking place on stage. So what goes into making these magnificent costumes? 

One lesson I have learned from my six favorite teen dramas

I watch teen dramas because they offer so much more than just a TV show to watch—they offer a lifestyle. They make you feel like you are living the character’s lives with them as they teach you lessons about love, strength, weakness, friendship, forgiveness and life in general. I have compiled a list of lessons that I have taken away from my top six favorite teen dramas; working my way up to my favorite lesson.

The Savannah Diaries: The power of introverts

While introverts may not like large social gatherings or constantly being the center of attention, they do have qualities that make them valuable during social gatherings and are good friends to keep around.