Lauren Hansen


It's lit

Illuminate: Sensory Arts Festival 2017, hosted by Muncie EDMC and held at Be Here Now, was LITerally lit up by glow sticks, strobe lights and people’s happiness as they danced the night away to electronic dance music.

The value of the hard copy: is it gone forever?

The next generation will be the first to grow up with Internet, never knowing what it was like before the days of online encyclopedias, Netflix and downloadable music. For them, entertainment exists mostly on the web.

Studio BSU - Kaylee Shahira

Check out INtune's very first installment of Studio BSU, featuring a local artist performing some of their songs from Ball State's campus.

LAUREN'S LOOKBACK: 3 reasons to see 'Shrek the Musical'

As the story goes, not all princesses and knights are society’s version of perfect. We don’t always have to live our lives the way we’re told to, in order to have a happy ending. Here are a few reasons Ball State’s “Shrek the Musical” is worth seeing.

LAUREN'S LOOKBACK: "Parade" is a musical wake up call

I’ve never seen so many people simultaneously hug each other as I did when I left University Theater after seeing the opening night of Ball State Department of Theatre and Dance’s production of the musical “Parade.” This production of the musical written by Alfred Uhry, with music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown, is directed by Professor of Theatre, Beth Turcotte.