Angelica Gonzalez


Far from in Between

Now, I can say I take tremendous pride in being Mexican-American. I take pride in showing people that even though I don’t look like what society perceives as an average Hispanic, that doesn’t make me any less Mexican or less American. I take pride in being a first-generation Mexican-American. My parents gave up a lot in their life to give me a lifestyle in America, and I am not afraid to show people my heritage. 

2022 Midterm Elections: Candidate Spotlights

Nov. 8 midterm Election Day is almost here. Before you go to the polls, check out what candidates in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, as well as Indiana Secretary of State race stand for.

Vintage Pop-Up Shop

One group of college students came together last weekend to set up the “Vintage Pop-Up” shop that sold a variety of clothes, comic books, action figures and music.

Ball State Spanish professor works to modernize classic literature with podcast ‘Pod Quixote'

Nearly 400 years ago, Spanish novelist Miguel de Cervantes wrote "Don Quixote," a novel that has since become the fifth-most translated book in the world, according to Babbel Magazine, and continues to inspire discussion of modern social issues. Despite its age, one Ball State professor felt inspired to pass along the story's seemingly timeless message to people from Cervantes' work today. Stephen Hessel, Ball State associate professor of Spanish, decided to create a podcast, "Pod Quixote,” to speak to other Cervantes experts. 

Ball State first-generation graduates reflect on their experiences

Set to be the first person in her family to graduate with a college degree, Lauren Kamykowski, senior political science and French double major, has learned every first-generation college student faces their own challenges “that impede their academic success in one way or another.”