11/10/2022, 4:00pm

Ball State School of Theatre and Dance show off creativity with their take on Into The Woods

“It’s all the stories that we know and love and the childhood fairy tales that we grew up with … and so, kind of seeing them in a new way is really exciting,” said Payten Romig, third-year student assistant director of "Into the Woods." The unique direction of BSU School of Theatre and Dance's latest production tells an old story to a new generation with renewed depth.

10/30/2022, 2:00pm

Muncie's Spiritual Side

The spiritual arts are alive and well in Muncie, and three women share their experience, abilities, and their journeys to discover themselves and how to contribute to the world around them.

10/29/2022, 10:00am

Taking the Stage

John Marsh, a Ball State/Indiana Academy history professor and Jenni Marsh, president and CEO of Heart of Indiana United Way, moonlight as a dynamic playwright duo. Their newest work, "Cat's Pajamas," premiered as a staged reading on Oct. 20.

10/24/2022, 10:00am

The World of Exotic Animals

Ron Billingsley hosted the Indiana Exotic Pet Expo on Sept. 25, and will host the next one on Nov. 27. Several members of the Muncie exotic pet community share their stories and what the community means to them.

10/23/2022, 2:00pm

Day of a Thousand Bulbs

The East Central Neighborhood Association arranged for volunteers to plant flowers in a couple of spots downtown. Take a look at the members of the Muncie community during this beautification effort.

10/15/2022, 10:00am

Fall in Love with Muncie

Muncie changes with the seasons, and new opportunities pop up when autumn rolls around. Here are a few ideas for exciting things to do this time of year.

10/14/2022, 10:00am

Art and All Its Forms

Ball State students in the Ceramics Lab work with lots of different kinds of clay, and for lots of different reasons. Two art students and a ceramics professor share their stories with the Ball State Daily News and reveal what the medium means to them.

10/12/2022, 10:00am

Community Through Heritage

Dr. Chin-Sook Pak, associate lecturer of Spanish at Ball State University, coordinated a campus visit of 76 students from Warsaw Community High School in order to give her students an opportunity to share their experiences and successes with them.

9/28/2022, 6:02pm

Dear Mare...; Dear Susan...

Mare Castner of Muncie, Indiana and Susan Smith of Wales have been friends for 47 years. Their only interaction for 25 years was exchanging letters, but even across thousands of miles, they have supported each other through thick and thin.

9/22/2022, 10:00am

We Are All Part of Beneficence

Ball State faculty, students, alumni and president Geoffrey Mearns comment on the significance of Beneficence, the winged statue that has been here for 85 years on September 26. 

9/17/2022, 10:00am

Taking Fate Into Her Own Hands

Amber Greene opened Fate Style Studio in July 2021 in response to job search troubles during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. She discusses the philosophy of her business as well as her role as a local business owner.