Women's Basketball 12/10/2023, 5:15pm

3 takeaways from Ball State’s road win at Western Kentucky

It’s extremely tough to contain offenses like Notre Dame in UConn as they are both AP Top 25 teams. Ball State let up 90 to both of those teams. In all of their other games, they were holding opponents to just under 64 points per game. Head coach Brady Sallee has said throughout this season that defense can be his teams’ calling card. In the second quarter, it was just that. 

Women's Basketball 12/6/2023, 9:48pm

3 takeaways from Ball State’s road loss at UConn

Ball State looked to Bischoff to carry the offensive load in the first quarter. She had 12 points, making four of her five attempts from 3-point land and scored over half of the Cardinals’ points in the first quarter.