Caleb Zuver


ZUVER: A dysfunctional day from the dysfunctional Indianapolis Colts franchise

“We cultivate winning cultures, we cultivate toughness, we live by integrity, and we don’t expect any more than we expect from ourselves.” Colts Owner Jim Irsay’s message to the media after one of the most chaotic days in the franchise's rich history. Let's forget Monday for a moment. This entire season has been a masterclass on dysfunction in the NFL. Let’s just take the last three weeks, to keep it concise.

ZUVER: It Can’t Be Time to Believe Again, Can It?

How are we supposed to feel?  It's a question that Indianapolis Colts fans have been left feeling after a number of games this year. Whether it was the tie in Houston or the ugly wins vs. Kansas City and Denver, this Colts season is confusing. Sunday's game vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars was no different.

OPINION: People need to go

No number is known for how many Colts fans or Titans fans were a part of that 65,781 number, but by the end of the day, one thing was true.  COLTS FANS WERE DISAPPOINTED.