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West View Elementary School teaches students English and Spanish at the same time

Vibrant colors of orange, yellow, green and red cover the walls from floor to ceiling in forms of flags, posters and papel picados. Cubbies line the walls and desks are spread out like a typical elementary school classroom, but, sticking true to the program, there are hardly any English words displayed. Instead, they are replaced by a buzz of activity from the teacher reading in Spanish to the excited chatter of the students. This is what it’s like to walk into Kelsey Pavelka’s elementary dual language immersion classroom.

Late season snow coming

Snow and freezing temperatures are on the way, and Weather Forecaster Natasha Leland has the latest.

Will records be broken this week?

Warm temperatures at the beginning of the week could break records, then comes a cool down. Weather Forecaster Natasha Leland has the latest.

Local shelter leaders share goals for women empowerment

In elementary school, she wanted to be a fashion designer — one who would help her friends make decisions on what to wear or provide them with clothing items for free. “Help” is the key word. Drawing clothes was fun, but WaTasha Barnes Griffin really wanted to help people for a living — she just didn’t know it could be a specific career. That was, until fifth grade, when a class speaker called it “social work.”

Will warm temps continue?

Weather Forecaster Natasha Leland has the latest on this week's temperature trends and how much longer the sunshine will last.