Karla Toledo


Ho Ho No: Why Christmas is an overrated holiday

When I think about Christmas all that comes to mind is cold hours shoveling snow off your car, just to go to a mall with a bunch of stressed adults dragging their screaming snotty children away from screen displays. 

Community Through Heritage

Dr. Chin-Sook Pak, associate lecturer of Spanish at Ball State University, coordinated a campus visit of 76 students from Warsaw Community High School in order to give her students an opportunity to share their experiences and successes with them.

Take Control of Your Education

We are a generation that questions everything put in front of us, yet we have failed to question our surroundings and just accept our fates. This is not to say students are lying about their experiences or blowing them out of proportion, but I’m simply trying to say that we as students must provide for ourselves — our education is in our hands.