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Professors and students discuss vote counting procedures

In previous presidential elections, Brandon Waite, associate professor of political science, could ask his classes five days after an election how many students voted, and about half would raise their hands, he said. On Oct. 29, 2020, five days before Election Day, all but one raised their hand.

iMADE Muncie students create new Minnetrista benches

After designing 12 buildings for class projects without being able to see any of them built, Steven Polchinski, fourth-year architecture major, spent part of his spring 2020 semester working with graduate students to assemble new benches and trash cans for Minnetrista.

Department of Theatre and Dance navigates COVID-19

In March 2020, after over two months of rehearsals, the cast of “Intertextuality” learned it wouldn’t be able to perform its show on Ball State’s campus as planned due to in-person events being suspended.