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The Curse of Shaffer Tower

It was late in the afternoon, but the sun beat relentlessly on James’ face as he walked along the brick sidewalk. The heat and exhaust from the cars speeding past on his left seemed to seep into his skin. He wanted desperately to make it back to his dorm, even if all he had waiting was his COMM 210 homework and ENG 104 paper. He knew that college involved a lot of walking, but these August summers keep getting hotter and hotter. He wiped a hand across his brow, squinting up to see Shaffer Tower looming up ahead. 

Student Discounts in Muncie

College is a time when saving a little money can go a long way. The good news is that there are many discounts for students in Muncie! From restaurants to public transportation, there are a lot of opportunities to enjoy some time off-campus for cheap. Whether you’re looking to get a bite to eat, get some new clothes, or see a show, there’s something for every Ball State student. Enjoy these perks of being a Cardinal!

Alternative ways to make money

On- and off-campus jobs aren’t the only ways to make some spare cash while in college. There are plenty of options for those who want more money, but not a full-time job.

Things to Do in Muncie

There is no shortage of ways to spend your weekend in Muncie, and most are within walking distance of campus! Of course, school comes first, but between the Village and Minnetrista, there is something for everyone to enjoy when taking a break from the stress of school.

Scheduling classes

While you’re not alone in planning your class schedule, it’s important to know all of the steps to it. We’re here to walk you through any struggle you might have when picking what classes to take, and when to take them.

Textbook 101

Textbooks can be expensive, but there are ways to save money on them