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The Spot Welcomes You Back

The Spot is a newly-opened tobacco and accessory store located right here in Muncie. We are happy to welcome Cardinals back with special discounts and offers!

Top Five Reasons to Ride a MITS Bus Today!

MITS makes getting around the city of Muncie easy. With 14 different bus routes, MITS reaches neighborhoods and businesses across the city. So, why should you ride a MITS bus? We’ll give you the top five reasons why you should!

Cardinal Kitchen’s Got Your Back!

Welcome back to Ball State from your friends at Cardinal Kitchen! This year, we will continue to help students attain free groceries and personal care  items. Take-out and grocery stores are expensive and can be very difficult for students to shop when they have to keep a strict budget in mind. 

Catching Deals with the Cardinal Coupon Book

The Cardinal Coupon Book is a yearly publication put out by Ball State to showcase some of the best deals around Muncie. It’s small, thin, and allows for easy carrying in your wallet or purse, so you can always have it on hand!

Love Working with Children?

GT Kids is looking for educators that are passionate about working with children and encouraging them to learn and grow! 

Do you need food for the holidays?

From purchasing gifts for loved ones to paying extra winter bills, we want your winter break to be stress-free. If you or someone you know are struggling with supplying food for your household, Cardinal Kitchen is here to relieve your worries.

Clean, Pristine and Everything You Need at 17 Hundred Apartments

Remember all those times you tried to call maintenance for an  emergency? Even worse, you had to pay that $1.50 to just wash and dry your clothes. Maybe the room just wasn’t renovated the way you imagined? Look no further, because 17 Hundred Apartments will not let you down with that unnecessary stress. 

Luxury Living at The Village Promenade

Let’s face it, living in a dorm can be unpleasant at times. Take college living to the next level with a luxury apartment at Village Promenade. The Village Promenade is your dream apartment complex with a 10-minutes walk to campus, starting at $599 per month!

There's a lot at The Spot

Here at The Spot Smoke Shop, we believe in friendly energy and good vibes. Every customer that walks through our doors is greeted with a big smile and helpful staff. We believe that every customer deserves the best experience when they visit, and if you’re new to the scene, we will be more than happy to enlighten you about our products.