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Avoid winter road conditions this year with MITS!

With the days getting colder and the unexpected weather we get in the Midwest, it can be hard to walk to and from places, and if you drive, the bad weather conditions can be tricky. Luckily, Muncie offers reliable public transportation for its residents.

Fly Away to Affordable, Quality Housing at The Haven!

Being a college student is not easy at all. You have academics, jobs, internships, and a social life to keep track of. Add house-hunting into the mix and it can get messy. Thinking about finding somewhere to move off-campus is another big decision that you might be dreading, and finding good quality, affordable housing can be a hassle. Finding a place to live should be made easier, and with The Haven, it is!

How to Read a Lease

For more tips and advice about renting for the first time, visit the Ball State Daily Housing Guide.