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Why You Should Checkout the Digital Graduation Edition of The Daily News

As the year comes to an end, it’s times like these we look back and celebrate all of our achievements. The achievements this year, despite many challenges faced, are exceptional. Which is why The Daily News wants to remember this year with their Graduation Edition. So, what can you look forward to in the Graduation Edition? Here are the top three reasons to check out the digital edition.

Greek’s Great Foods You Haven’t Tried Yet

With a history of spectacular customer service and authentic management, Greek’s Pizzeria strives to provide the best quality pizza to customers, while emphasizing the importance of good taste and individuality! 

Upgrade to the 17 Hundred Apartments!

17 Hundred Apartments are the best choice when looking for upscale apartment living in Muncie. Located right next to the Ball State campus, 17 Hundred is the most convenient housing near Ball State. Inside each apartment are stainless steel kitchen appliances, as well as a stackable washer and dryer. The living room and dining room are completely furnished as an added bonus and there's more!

Freeman Rentals

Are you looking for a less expensive and safer alternative to a dormitory? 

Get the Creativity Flowing at Art Mart!

As an art student in the mid 70’s, buying art supplies for classes was a bit different than it is today. Yes, the prices were lower, but the overall experience was much different. If staying on campus was necessary, the students walked to the Student Center where the BSU Bookstore was located. Once in the Book Store, there was a window that the students went to and there would ask the person in the window for the items required or needed. 

The 400 Apartments

Looking for an apartment within walking of distance to Ball State’s campus? Look no further, The 400 Apartments have you covered.

Mark BSU Properties

Are you looking for a place that you can share with friends and create your college memories? Look no further than Mark BSU Properties!

Village Promenade

Wanting to find a great place to live in the perfect location, with some of the best amenities you can ask for? Then Village Promenade is the place for you!

17 Hundred Apartments

17 Hundred Apartments are the discerning choice when looking for upscale apartment living in Muncie.