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Fall 2019 Ball State University Graduates

From everyone at the Ball State Daily, congratulations to all graduating seniors! You did it. You made it through some of the best years of your life, now good luck in the 'real world.'  Wherever you’re headed next or whatever you’re doing, we have great confidence that your time at Ball State has prepared you for success.December 2019 Graduation Wishes are on newsstands around campus now!

Experience the magic of Winter at Minnetrista!

Minnetrista is right down the block to bring magic to your Winter! Kick off the holiday season with family and friends! Enjoy sweet treats, winter crafts, carriage rides, and holiday music in celebration of the season. Embrace the sounds and spirit of the holidays at this outdoor community event.

How to get the most out of your workouts

Most men in college exercise to gain muscle mass. To increase muscle mass, two things must be done.  The first is exercise. Lifting weights or exercising with machines  increases muscle protein synthesis. The more often this is done the more  frequent muscle protein synthesis occurs, and the more muscle mass is  grown. That is why people that work more often than others have more  muscle mass. The second way to increase muscle mass is to increase  dietary protein intake. Combining exercise and increased protein intake  will work synergistically to increase muscle mass. 

Top 10 Ruler Foods Grocery Hacks for College Students

College life is complicated. Whether you’re in your first year away from home, getting ready to graduate, or somewhere in between, learning to fend for yourself is one of many things you’ll learn in the next few years. Here are our top 10 hacks for making grocery shopping easier this fall.