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Computer Science Showcase

“When I go to evaluate this project, it is kind of like Christmas. Unless the students had a problem and came to me ahead of time, I don’t know what pictures they have chosen. I know what the requirements of the project are, but they are broad and it depends on the picture they use,” Largent said. 

New art piece on campus

“It just has been so cool to see everything come together. It's going to be really cool to see it in person, be able to say I did that, to see where it is on campus now, see students using it and things like that,” Polchinski said. 

Ball State’s Christy Woods

John Taylor says, “the property and greenhouses are used for students and education, but what’s also exciting is that Christy Woods is open to the public as well.”

Muncie bookstore plans to reopen after renovation

“The sad thing is though, because of the weather and COVID, the contractors have fallen behind about a month. So we should have been back open about the first of the month. So right now, we are just kind of in limbo,” Edwards said.