Trevor Sheffield


‘Toy Story 4’ is bound to make competition reach for the sky

Despite some narrative “fat” and a somewhat muddled sense of cohesion regarding its many setpieces, 'Toy Story 4' manages to justify its existence alongside one of the greatest trilogies of all time by crafting a story close in tone to the one that started it all.  

‘UglyDolls’ puts the “commercial” in “commercial flop”

'UglyDolls' is a commercialized toy movie with a subversive dive into the theatrical cheese of Broadway-style musicals that manages to give the film a sense of identity, yet fails to make up for shoehorned-in celebrities and a thin plot that would leave anybody over the age of four squirming in their seats of boredom.

‘Dumbo’ fails to take off

 ‘Dumbo,’ for all the effort it makes to stand out from the original  film, fails to recapture even a modicum of the simplistic charm and  wonder that came along with it.  

‘Wonder Park’ is a dunk tank of malicious mediocrity

Controversy aside, 'Wonder Park' is a confused, below-par effort that wants to talk about the power of imagination and coping with hard times, yet fails to give these concepts any serious thought beyond the most simple and surface-level explanations.

‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ is a smashing success

 ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’, despite a potentially regressive narrative  for its’ lead and some clear cuts made for time that leave some loose  ends to be hastily tied in the last five minutes, manages to meet and  even surpass the high expectations one would have coming out of the  original.