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Symphony of Sustainability: Cope Environmental Center recognized as Indiana’s only certified Living Building

With the impact of climate change growing, some companies see it imperative to change the design and construction of buildings, with the goal of giving back to the environment as much as they take. However, this does not come without challenges, as every office, home and store would have to maintain net-zero energy and water levels. The materials used to make these structures would have to be ecologically friendly and properly disposed of. Then, they must perform consistently. 

Small Crafts for a Big Purpose

Snacks lining the shelves, books stacked up in great big piles, and clothes thrown every which way. It’s the stereotypical picture of a dorm room, unless you’re Ball State University student Mazie Wathen. Her dorm looks much the same as anyone else’s, but with additional supplies like different-color threads and felt backings.