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Ball State vs. Georgia: Our perspective

The Ball State Daily News Sports crew of sophomore associate sports editor and football secondary reporter Elijah Poe, opinion editor and photographer Kate Farr, associate photo editor Mya Cataline and reporter Zach Carter share their experience following their trip to Athens, Georgia, to cover Ball State V. No. 1 Georgia.

Maternal Memories

The long cold hallway. Beeping coming from every room. Fluorescent lights every 10 steps… I counted.

Ball State top 100 students look back on their experiences

The nomination. Filling out the application. Writing an essay about defining Beneficence. All of it ends in a waiting game.  The process for applying to be a top 100 student can be lengthy between recommendations from bosses or professors to having to wait to see if you made it. 

Black Women’s Voices is a safe space for Black women to talk about their community

Eight women sat around a table at Bracken Library in August 2020 with the same thought in mind: the death of Breonna Taylor, a Black woman shot by police, wasn’t as respected as others, and there was no space on Ball State University’s campus to talk about what was happening in the Black community. That day, the eight founders: Star Gooch, Olamide Awoola, Makayla Atwater, Jordyn Owens, Kye Wilson, Trinity Mitchell, Jaylyn McDonald and Francesca Fontus, decided to make that space by creating the Black Women’s Voices organization, official in February 2021.