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Lindsey Blom’s instruction makes an impact on Ball State Alumni

Blom's experience overcoming adversity helps her empathize with student athletes she has mentored during her 15-year career at Ball State University. Blom has worked as a faculty athletic representative, chairperson for Ball State’s School of Kinesiology, and professor of sport and exercise psychology, but was just named associate athletic director for championship performance.

Ball State takes the win during their home opener against Mercyhurst

Senior midfielder, Avery Fenchel, took on the first three goals as she stepped out on the field after recovering from last season's ankle injury. “Everyone contributed today,” Fenchel said. Sophomore midfielder, Tori Monaco, assisted two of Fenchel’s goals. Monaco listens to rap artists, Jay Cole and Trippy Red continuously the hour prior to the game to help set her focus and mindset while doing some visualization.  

Power, wealth and athleticism in the NFL leads to unjust privileges

I used to be a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan, but it all changed when Deshaun Watson was traded, bringing the NFL’s history back to the surface. I wanted them to do well and maintain good standards for the sake of the city's reputation, but I can no longer support a business or team that dismisses abuse towards women.