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Power, wealth and athleticism in the NFL leads to unjust privileges

I used to be a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan, but it all changed when Deshaun Watson was traded, bringing the NFL’s history back to the surface. I wanted them to do well and maintain good standards for the sake of the city's reputation, but I can no longer support a business or team that dismisses abuse towards women.

Cardinals draw against No. 1 seed Buffalo

Before the whistle to start the game, Ball State prepared by listening to music, going for walks, talking and even watching Premier League soccer. Elgert said she takes time to watch soccer before her games as a way to get into the mindset while learning from some of Manchester City’s strategies.

Cardinals defeats Bobcats 2-1 on the road

Looks for the shot. Takes her stance. Lines it up and shoots. Every goalkeeper's worst nightmare. The ball pings off the crossbar. She Bows her head until the crowd roars as the Bobcats are back in the game.