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Indiana 529 college savings plans increase in 2020

As many college students worry about paying off student loans, the average cost of college tuition in the United States has consistently risen at two to three times the rate of inflation each year, according to the College Savings Plans Network. The majority of federal financial aid comes in the form of loans, which increases the burden of student loan debt for graduates and families.

Muncie mayor creates mask program to support local businesses

As the coronavirus has spread around the world, the need for masks has spread just as fast as the virus itself, and local businesses have struggled to keep up with the demand. Muncie Mayor Dan Ridenour created the Masks for Muncie program to provide supplies for businesses in need.

Students and staff look ahead to asynchronous finals week

Rather than pulling all-nighters with study groups and hoping to find open spots in campus testing labs, Ball State students will experience the fall 2020 semester’s finals week from their own homes, completing tests in front of a webcam monitor.