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‘Queer Eye’ is as strong and gay as ever on its third season

 As 'Queer Eye' reaches its third season, the reality TV show has reached a satisfying consistency through a tried and true formula. But even if this new season isn’t subverting any expectations, the show’s incredibly strong Fab Five and their determination to help in ways deeper than simply a new living room, a new suit, and a salad recipe make up for it. 

Input 2 S6E6: Flying with Dragons

Welcome back to this week’s episode of Input 2! We discuss the latest film in the How to Train Your Dragon series. While the movie does make several improvements to characters, there are still flaws. How does this stack up to the rest of the series? Find out this and more on this week’s episode of Input 2!

‘thank u, next’ is Ariana Grande’s most personal album to date

‘thank u, next’ does not have the extravagant, larger-than-life pop mammoths that her previous album brought to the table; there is no “Into You”, “breathin”, or “Love Me Harder”. However, not only is this Grande’s most consistent record yet, it is her strongest statement as an artist that is much more than just a collection of songs.

Five giftable Winter-ready records you should listen to this holiday season

While holiday music might be overplayed by the time the new year comes around, hearing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” on the radio is a sure-fire way to tell when it is officially Christmas time. However, while most people can name an endless list of Christmas carols and standards, there are not too many albums that could be considered Christmas staples. The following five records are ones that are either worthy of such title or are just perfect for the winter season.

‘Origins’ should have gone back to where it came from

 'Origins' sounds like a car crash involving quite a lot of albums.  Unfortunately, none of those albums happen to be good ones. Whether it  is the flaccid, lifeless electro-pop and EDM, the overblown radio rock  destined to plague arenas across the world, or the departures from those  two sounds that should’ve been left on the cutting room floor, all the  directions that Imagine Dragons attempt to go in lead to dead ends.  Based on the consistently decreasing quality of their records, seeing  how it could possibly get worse is the one thing worth anticipating for  their future material.  

‘THINK: PEACE’ is R&B Eccentric Clarence Clarity’s poppiest record yet

 Even if it is not quite as fully developed, fresh, or intriguing as its  predecessor, THINK: PEACE is still a strong sophomore record from  Clarence Clarity that further proves that he’s one of the most  inventive, forward-thinking producers out there. It also is a perfect  record for people wanting to listen to Clarence Clarity for the first  time. His trademark glitchy, maximalist production is still intact, but  it’s toned down and Clarence’s talent as a songwriter takes the front  seat. Everything is a bit more streamlined, for better or worse. 

‘A Star Is Born’ is a predictable, but emotional film destined for Oscars galore

 Even if the story doesn’t bring anything new to the table, 'A Star Is  Born' is still a solid execution of a tried and true story. Much of the  thanks has to go to Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, whose chemistry was  gold. Their solo performances also deserve to win gold, Oscars, that is.  This may just be remembered as one of the high points of Lady Gaga’s  career. She finally got the chance to prove herself as an actor on the  silver screen, have her name in the same group as icons such as Garland  and Streisand, and release a song (“I Will Never Love Again”) that is  bound to become a classic power ballad along the lines of “I Will Always  Love You” and “My Heart Will Go On”. It’s a wonderful start for what  could be an illustrious career in film, and solid proof that Lady Gaga  will most likely go down as one of most memorable, beloved artists of  this decade.  

Heartland Film Festival: ‘Back Roads’ will rip your heart out, but it’ll irk the brain too

One of art’s main goals is to elicit a reaction from its audience. In  those terms, Back Roads is quite the success. It is a heart-wrenching  film that skillfully shows the bleakness and hopelessness of the Altmyer  family’s downward spiral. But looking past the story and the better  performances, there are a lot of faults that come with the film. For  those who love movies that will slowly tear your heart out, and even  those who just want a powerful cinematic experience, Back Roads is  recommendable. Just be willing to look over quite a bit.