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Carrie Underwood sticks to her roots on ‘Cry Pretty’

 'Cry Pretty' shows what Carrie Underwood is all about. Talking about  sensitive topics, drinking and heartbreak coping, this album will surely  capture the interest of country fans. Country music seems to be  overlapping with pop recently, but this album is a symbol of what has  stood against the test of time. Her depictions of faith never go out of  style. The stories behind the music are touching and will leave  listeners replaying for pleasure.  

‘Ocean’s 8’ proves that 8 is better than 11

If you’re a fan of the Ocean movies, then this movie is worth seeing.  Don’t look for anything too new, however. The cast is lovable and fun to  watch, but it’s not worth a second watch. The plot is dull, and the  humor is just as dull. The film feels kind of rushed and missing the key  elements that the original movies had.   

Charlie Puth’s ‘Voicenotes’ ends on a high note

Charlie Puth has really upped his game this go around. His music feels  slightly different, although not entirely. Love and relationship issues  plague this album and hurt his originality. He never falters from his  familiar content and this is what makes his music unique and his own.  The album is a good listen and is worth the money overall.