Football 10/15/2022, 6:08pm

Ball State defeats Connecticut in third straight comeback win

Ball State football came from behind in its third consecutive game to defeat Connecticut 25-21 at Scheumann Stadium Oct. 15. The Cardinals did not lead until 2:40 in the fourth quarter when sophomore runningback Carson Steele converted his third touchdown. 

Ball State Football Commit 10/13/2022, 2:00pm

A dream come true

Joel Abney originally signed his young son up for flag football, but Christian Abney begged his dad to let him play tackle. He told his dad he was ready for the next level. After talking to coaches, he switched his son to tackle.

Brett Farve 10/12/2022, 3:57pm

SCOTT: Brett Farve's career accolades do not outweigh his controversies

Favre's career should never outweigh his controversies. The privilege he has obtained for being a hall of fame quarterback has been developed into a crutch he's used to overlook his wrong doing.  Just because a player has a one in a lifetime career doesn't mean he or she has the right to commit devious acts with the intentions to hide from it and not acknowledge any wrongdoing. 

Men's Golf 10/11/2022, 6:30pm

Men’s golf places 12th at Purdue Fall Invitational

“It was an awful start.” Five words described how head coach Mike Fleck felt about the opening holes for the Ball State men's golf team who opened up their first round at the bottom of the leaderboard at the Purdue Fall Invitational.  Regardless of the start, Ball State was able to turn some problems around.  “I was proud of them, how they played the rest of the day,” Fleck said. “We were probably in the top half of the team scoring-wise if you kind of scratch the start.”

Women's Golf 10/11/2022, 5:08pm

Women’s golf takes eighth at Rocket Classic

Ball State's five-person roster consisted of first-year Sarah Gallagher, first-year Jasmine Driscoll, second-year Payton Bennett, first-year Madelin Boyd and graduate student Peyton Broce.  “One of the keys is always to try to minimize any doubles or worse off the card and you know, we still made a few too many of those,” head coach Cameron Andry said. “The golf course just kind of reveals where we are.” Monday - Round One 

Giving back to the community 10/10/2022, 3:12pm

Helping your hometown

Giving back to his community was always something of importance to graduate safety Trenton Hatfield. Now, he has the opportunity. 

Soccer 10/9/2022, 4:45pm

Ball State falls to Western Michigan at home

Adrenaline-rushed players scrambled around the field in attempts to guide the ball toward the net but a scuffle between the teams resulted in two red cards, three yellow cards, seventeen fouls and a 10v10 match.

Women's Volleyball 10/8/2022, 10:54pm

Snyder has career night as Cardinals beat Bulls

“I’m so proud of her,” second-year setter Megan Wielonski said. “She’s just been killing it recently. She’s really someone I can rely on, on the court and I really trust now. It’s just awesome to see her development and our connection grow.”

Football 10/8/2022, 9:58pm

Ball State defeats Central Michigan, wins second straight

“I’m just proud of this football team,” head coach Mike Neu said. “We talk about being the best team and the best family and we have to have each other’s back no matter how it happens but the goal is to always win by one more point than our opponent and that is what we did today.”

Low Fan Attendance 10/8/2022, 10:00am

JOSLIN: Low attendance for Ball State football needs to be fixed

I have been going to Ball State University games since I was 10. I was born in Muncie and grew up in New Castle. Ball State has been a constant in my life for as long as I can remember, and I take great pride and passion in this school and our teams.  I vividly remember the first game I saw; we were playing South Florida in October 2012. Keith Wenning and Willie Snead were tearing up the Bulls’ defense en route to a 31-27 triumph that day. That was the first time I got to experience the magic of college football, live and in living color.

Women's Volleyball 10/8/2022, 12:17am

Snyder, defense helps Cardinals put away Akron

Coming off of two straight home wins last weekend against Eastern Michigan, Ball State Women’s Volleyball (11-6, 3-2) knocked off another Mid-American Conference (MAC) rival Akron (4-13, 1-5) after a career night for third-year outside hitter Cait Snyder.

Aaron Judge 10/5/2022, 3:40pm

GOINS: The magic number 62

Now that Aaron Judge has hit his 62nd home run, you shouldn’t have to worry about the TV cutting away when college football is on to show you Aaron Judge’s at-bats. Who knows if we will ever see a player so dominant that his at-bats interfered with a college football game again? Will ever see 62 home runs hit again? Or Barry Bond’s total of 73 broken? These are questions baseball fans wish they had the answers to, but only time knows the answer.

Women's Golf 10/4/2022, 10:38pm

Ball State Women's Golf places 9th out of 15 at Butler Fall Invitational

Firm greens, challenging greens to putt on and tall roughs were some of the challenges the Ball State’s women's golf team saw from Oct. 3-4 at the Butler Fall Invitational as described by head coach Cameron Andry.  The Cardinals placed 9th out of 15 teams and first-year Sarah Gallagher finished within the top ten, tying for seventh.