IndyCar 5/25/2019, 12:00pm

Pit stops, crew members play ‘crucial role’ in Indy 500 success

In the famous words of the “Cars” movie franchise’s Guido, “Pit stop.” While Guido’s sub-four-second pit stop was about eight seconds quicker than the fastest time in Friday’s IndyCar pit stop competition of 11.794 seconds, it doesn’t take away from the importance of each one.

Baseball 5/17/2019, 10:12am

Ball State’s 1969 baseball team to reunite after 50 years

With Apollo 11 landing on the moon, the original Woodstock taking place, the Stonewall riots breaking out in New York City — 1969 paid witness to many events of significance in American history. At Ball State, the year saw one of the most successful baseball teams in the university’s history.