Opinion 4/13/2022, 10:00am

Cruelty is the Point

What is the “Don’t Say Gay” bill supposed to show kids in America? That the things we don’t want to talk about will go away if we shove our heads in the sand?  

Opinion 4/12/2022, 3:00pm


To the administrators, parents and government officials in charge of making these decisions: banning books does more harm than good.  

Opinion 3/10/2022, 10:00am

Hiding in the Shadows

Women aren’t taught “what’s next” when they choose not to have kids or are unable — they are simply asked “why?”

Black History Month 2/28/2022, 6:08pm

OUR VIEW: More than a Month

More than a century ago, Carter G. Woodson traveled from his home in Washington, D.C. to Chicago, where he celebrated the 50th anniversary of emancipation with thousands of other Black Americans at Chicago Coliseum. The exhibits inside commemorated Black achievements since the abolition of slavery, and what Woodson saw inspired him to highlight and memorialize Black heritage while educating others through developing curriculum, journals and organizations dedicated to Black History.

Opinion 2/28/2022, 10:00am

Our Stories, Our Pride

OPINION: When queer representation is done wrong, it breaks my heart, but it also strengthens my desire to do it right.

Opinion 2/24/2022, 10:00am

Torching Media Mistrust

OPINION: This is a world that is skeptical of journalists, both student and professional. We sometimes present a truth others don’t want to hear, and we’ve been punished for it. 

Opinion 2/18/2022, 4:00pm

Emotion loading …

I learned from the character Lloyd Braun in season 9, episode 3 of “Seinfeld,” dismissing your emotions leads to bottling up anger or resentment, and “eventually you blow … serenity now, insanity later.”

Opinion 2/13/2022, 10:00am

Black-ing Out History

When our curriculum centers its lessons on a sanitized version of history, students are not taught how to respect and appreciate cultures different from their own, resulting in insensitivity and distrust toward people of color. 

Opinion 2/3/2022, 12:00am

Grieving without guilt

My relationship with my grandmother had always been strained. You would think it would make losing her easier, but it actually made it a lot harder. 

Opinion 1/29/2022, 10:00am

Unearned Return

If Ball State accepts Theta Chi’s attempt to come back and reestablish a new chapter, Ball State’s administration will be setting a dangerous precedent for Greek Life organizations.

Opinion 12/7/2021, 10:00am

One Last Lap

There’s nothing wrong with five, or three, or taking a gap semester and coming back to study something completely different than what you originally had planned.

Opinion 12/2/2021, 4:00pm

Wounds at home

Rittenhouse was always going to get away with murder, not because of the facts of the situation, but because of the country we live in, a system that prioritizes white innocence over the suffering of others.