3/14/2023, 12:00am

What Movies Taught Me About Femininity

Women don’t have to be complicit, and we aren’t there to be kissed. We don’t have to fantasize about the princes that will come. We’re allowed to be more, more than forced kisses and intimate grabs, being told to stay behind the hero or being the quiet caretakers.

Student Journalism 2/23/2023, 10:52am

Student journalists are journalists, full stop.

The work that we have put out can be considered undervalued and underappreciated due to the fact we are students. However, during our primitive years, we are making sure we can be the best journalists we can be.

Black History Month 2/20/2023, 2:00pm

Uplifting the Voice of Black Individuals: An Analysis of the 1881 Washerwomen Strike

As a Black journalist, the way Black stories we try to tell are co-opted for praise stifles the credibility we are fighting to keep. My “voice” isn’t as loud as other journalists. Honestly, trying to be heard is exhausting. Constantly being disregarded for more prominent journalists is exhausting. Not having the support to tell the stories of the Black community is exhausting.

Society 1/30/2023, 10:00am

Trapped in the Fetters of Society: Our individualism should trump obligations

Based on my own experience, it isn’t uncommon that through perception, we become a direct reflection of everything before us and around us. Whether it be through generational origins or conditions, we aren't viewed as an individualistic self but instead a notion generated by others — possibly before our own lives have even begun. 

OCD 1/22/2023, 12:00pm

Living in a Frenzy: Addressing My Experience with OCD

Society needs to stop treating mental illness like a personality trait or a lifestyle. It can be crippling. OCD can be crippling. People are obsessed with the idea that having a mental illness such as OCD makes you different, and that it makes you stand out. But once you have it, all you really want is to fit in.

Holiday season 1/2/2023, 3:19pm

Ho Ho No: Why Christmas is an overrated holiday

When I think about Christmas all that comes to mind is cold hours shoveling snow off your car, just to go to a mall with a bunch of stressed adults dragging their screaming snotty children away from screen displays. 

LIFE PLANS 12/26/2022, 10:00am

Wanting to graduate early? Here are my reasons why I am.

Do not let the traditional structures of college trap you into a four-year plan. Graduating in three years or five years does not make you less of a student than students who took the traditional four-year path. At the end of the day, there is nothing on the degree you receive that says how many years it took. Put yourself in the driver’s seat of your future.

Midterm 10/27/2022, 10:00am

Go out and vote in the upcoming midterm

You may not feel all that powerful, coloring in a circle next to the name of your preferred candidate, while in the voting booth. But in that voting booth, you are powerful. You and all the millions of Americans voting alongside you are powerful.