entertainment 4/4/2017, 12:00pm

LAUREN'S LOOKBACK: 3 reasons to see 'Shrek the Musical'

As the story goes, not all princesses and knights are society’s version of perfect. We don’t always have to live our lives the way we’re told to, in order to have a happy ending. Here are a few reasons Ball State’s “Shrek the Musical” is worth seeing.

entertainment 4/3/2017, 3:00pm

THE CHAT ROOM: Groundbreaking new take on Zelda

I know it sounds like I’m just fawning over another Zelda game because it’s another great Zelda game and I’m a fanboy. While all of that is true, I can honestly guarantee you this is the first Zelda game since the very first title that has broken the mold in this way and it has reimagined Zelda into the mainstream.

communities 3/29/2017, 12:00pm

HANNAH'S HOT TOPICS: Cut millennials some slack

Millennials aren't perfect, and I don’t think we've ever claimed to be, but cut us some slack. We are trying our best in today's crazy world and regardless of what people think, we should be proud of ourselves.

politics 3/23/2017, 12:00pm

REST IN PIXELS: The Roast of Donald Trump

Welcome to 2017 everyone, where "affordable" means the suffering of millions and "wiretapping" means "broadly, surveillance and other activities." Thank you Sean Spicer for your words of enlightenment. The next time I see someone cheating in a class I'll tell them to stop "wiretapping."