Lifestyle 9/27/2017, 3:00pm

Over the Rainbow: Skin Deep - Police brutality has divided America

Think of the place where the walls are so thin you could hear the family upstairs argue every night. The place where you would lock your doors and roll up your windows. The place where cops stopped at every day, whether there was a reason or not. The place where the sun doesn’t seem to shine as bright as it does everywhere else. What do you call that place? 

Lifestyle 9/21/2017, 3:00pm

Abstract Thinking: Life in LaFollette

11 p.m., Thursday night.  Sit up in bed. Turn up the fan so you don’t sweat to death in your sleep. Watch centipedes run across the floor and into the closet. Lay down and go back to sleep. 

9/18/2017, 3:00pm

Musings from Moorman: It's time we abolish the Democratic Party

An issue of salience this year has been one requiring analysis from a historical perspective. I have increasingly noticed symbols historically associated with intolerance, hate, racism, etc. as part of the news. As a conservative, I believe these symbols of hate and injustice should be taken down. 

Lifestyle 9/18/2017, 1:23pm

Finding Beneficence: Lest We Forget

My car rumbled to a stop as I sat and watched an American flag flutter in the afternoon breeze. Beyond that iconic image of patriotism was a world I never thought I’d find myself again – high school.

Lifestyle 9/13/2017, 3:30pm

Nick and Tired: On the Brink of Zero

Overdrawn, overspent and overanxious. Wasteful spending was never in my wheelhouse. I was a talented dog-walking entrepreneur growing up and scrambled to pull neighbors' garbage out for a spare dollar or two each week. I did everything to justify any spending a 10-year-old might do.

Lifestyle 9/13/2017, 3:29pm

Adult-ish: Lost in Dublin

Studying abroad in Ireland was something that I looked forward to for months. Yet, I never imagined that I would find myself lost in a foreign country.