Politics 9/27/2017, 7:43pm

Trump announces new tax reform plan

President Donald Trump unveiled his tax reform plan Wednesday afternoon, calling for major tax cuts and simplification of tax codes, which he says will ease the burden on middle-class Americans.

News 9/26/2017, 1:28pm

Ball State student becomes published author

"I felt like the media and a lot of society really treated Martin like a thug because he was black and because he wore a hoodie, and I remember being really angry about that," Coles said. "I was like, I gotta tell that story."

Sports 9/26/2017, 12:49pm

NCAA assistant coaches among 10 facing corruption charges

NEW YORK (AP) — Four assistant basketball coaches from Arizona, Auburn, the University of Southern California and Oklahoma State were among those arrested on federal corruption charges Tuesday after they were caught taking thousands of dollars in bribes to steer NBA-destined college stars toward certain sports agents and financial advisers, authorities said.

News 9/26/2017, 10:00am

President Mearns to discuss arts and culture at next public forum

President Geoffrey S. Mearns will sit on a panel with trustee member Tom Bracken, board president of Muncie Civic Theatre Leigh Edwards, director of Ball State School of Music Ryan Hourigan, director of Muncie Public Library Akilah Nosakhere and director of education at David Owsley Museum of Art Tania Said to discuss arts and culture Wednesday.

Administration 9/25/2017, 12:37pm

Who's who on Ball State's Board of Trustees

Each year, a group of individuals are responsible for granting students their degrees, setting admission guidelines and managing all donations and grants — the Ball State Board of Trustees.

Campus 9/25/2017, 9:25am

4 interesting classes Ball State offers

Ball State is filled with interesting classes and professors. However, sometimes it might be difficult to find them. Below are a few of the more unusual and interesting classes offered here.