Parkland shooting 10/13/2022, 4:00pm

AP: Parkland school shooter to get life sentence for killing 17

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — A jury spared Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz from the death penalty Thursday for killing 17 people at a Parkland high school in 2018, sending him to prison for the remainder of his life in a decision that left many families of the victims angered, baffled and in tears.

Greek Life 10/13/2022, 10:00am

Knowledge in Diversity

After the struggles of the pandemic, Schockett hopes to attract new members with the values of Gamma Rho Lambda: “Truth in tolerance, knowledge through diversity, bonds of unity and strength in trust.”

Muncie events 10/7/2022, 11:59am

Wandering through ArtsWalk October

Muncie Downtown Development Partnership hosted ArtsWalk October, where local artists, performers, food vendors and attendees transformed Walnut St. into a marketplace. Muncie YART, PrimeTrust FCU's Soup Crawl and a variety of live entertainment were all a part of said event.

Hurricane Ian 10/7/2022, 9:59am

After the Storm

Category 4 storm, Hurricane Ian, made landfall in Florida Sept. 28, causing destruction unseen for years. The morale of many Florida residents and natives is low, yet many are hopeful their area will bounce back.

Midterm Elections 10/6/2022, 9:59am

Voting Awareness

Leading up to United States Midterm Election Day Nov. 8, voter registration and turnout in Delaware County has never been lower. The county was tied for the lowest voter turnout and had one of the lowest percentages of absentee ballots in Indiana in 2020.

Fraternity 10/3/2022, 9:59am

A Fresh Start

Ball State's oldest fraternity, Delta Kappa Chapter of Theta Chi, returns after three years of suspension. Theta Chi was suspended Oct. 2018, and they started re-establishing in fall 2021. Fall 2022 is the first semester that Theta Chi is officially back. 

Computer Science 9/29/2022, 9:59am

From Social Work to Computer Work

Though Dave Largent initially secured a social work major in college, he has made a career out of computer science. Largent won the 2022 Ball State University Most Outstanding Faculty Award due to his work for the university and with local K-12 schools.

Department of Biology 9/26/2022, 9:59am

Welcoming Back the Wetlands

Ball State is hosting a wetland workshop at Cooper Farm in Muncie Oct. 1-2. John Taylor, land manager and restoration ecologist at Ball State, among others, commented on the project and the importance of wetlands. 

Community 9/23/2022, 12:59pm

Building the Bridge

After two years of cancellations, the Muncie Bridge Dinner returned Thursday. The event, held on the Washington Street bridge in Muncie, attracted members of the community, including Muncie locals and Ball State University students.

Hunger Awareness Month 9/23/2022, 9:59am

A Constant Need

The Soup Kitchen of Muncie, Panther Pantry and Cardinal Kitchen teamed up for their food drive Sept. 17, "Stuff-A-Bus". While the three organizations serve three different segments of the Muncie community, they all aim to address hunger and food security.