National News 7/26/2023, 5:25pm

Associated Press: UPS reaches tentative contract with 340,000 unionized workers, potentially dodging calamitous strike

NEW YORK (AP) — UPS has reached a tentative contract with its 340,000-person union, potentially averting a strike that threatened to disrupt package deliveries for millions of businesses and households nationwide. The agreement was announced Tuesday, the first day that UPS and the Teamsters returned to the table after contentious negotiations broke down earlier this month. Negotiators had already reached tentative agreements on several issues but continued to clash over pay for part-time workers, who make up more than half of the UPS employees represented by the union.

National News 7/25/2023, 8:58am

Associated Press: The Biden administration proposes new rules to push insurers to boost mental health coverage

The new regulations, which still need to go through a public comment period, would require insurers to study whether their customers have equal access to medical and mental health benefits and to take remedial action, if necessary. The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act requires that insurers provide the same level of coverage for both mental and physical health care — though the administration and advocates argue insurers' policies restrict patient access.

Local News 7/24/2023, 9:30am

Groundbreaking ceremony celebrates the start of construction on the YMCA facility in Muncie

The City of Muncie and the YMCA broke ground on a new facility on July 18. The project will be an addition to the McKinley-Whitely Live Learn Neighborhood project, according to the report. The project is getting completed with the support of multiple donors including $1 million in Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative Funding (READI). The YMCA will be located adjacent to Muncie Central High School, and the 73,000-square-foot facility will offer a number of recreational opportunities. 

National News 7/23/2023, 8:12am

Associated Press: A UPS strike could be just around the corner. Here's what you need to know

NEW YORK (AP) — The clock is ticking. As the deadline to reach a new contract nears, a potential UPS strike feels closer than ever. Negotiations broke down earlier this month and unionized workers have been holding rallies and practice pickets across the country. The Teamsters, which represent more than half of the company's workforce, will resume talks with UPS on Tuesday. That leaves less than a week to come to an agreement before the current contract expires on Monday, July 31. The union has authorized a strike and Sean M. O'Brien, a fiery leader elected last year to lead the union, has vowed to do so if their demands aren't met.

National News 7/21/2023, 8:56am

Associated Press: Tony Bennett, masterful stylist of American musical standards, dies at 96

NEW YORK (AP) — Tony Bennett, the eminent and timeless stylist whose devotion to classic American songs and knack for creating new standards such as "I Left My Heart In San Francisco" graced a decadeslong career that brought him admirers from Frank Sinatra to Lady Gaga, died Friday. He was 96, just two weeks short of his birthday. Publicist Sylvia Weiner confirmed Bennett's death to The Associated Press, saying he died in his hometown of New York. There was no specific cause, but Bennett had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2016.

Local News 7/20/2023, 9:11am

Indianapolis Colts great and receivers coach Reggie Wayne held an autograph session at tent sale July 19

The 2023 Kia of Muncie and Toyota of Muncie held their tent sale at the parking lot of Scheumann Stadium yesterday. The event kept its annual tradition of having an athlete from the Indianapolis Colts visit and sign autographs. Last season, then-starting quarterback Matt Ryan stopped by. But when it was announced that this year's guest was Colts great and receivers coach Reggie Wayne, many first-time attendees like Phil Vinson made the stop. 

World News 7/19/2023, 9:56am

Associated Press: Why allowing Ukraine to ship grain during Russia's war matters to the world

LONDON (AP) — Russia has suspended a wartime deal designed to move grain from Ukraine to parts of the world where millions are going hungry. The Black Sea Grain Initiative, brokered by the U.N. and Turkey, has allowed 32.9 million metric tons (36.2 million tons) of food to be exported from Ukraine since August, more than half to developing countries, according to the Joint Coordination Center in Istanbul.

National News 7/18/2023, 9:34am

Associated Press: Hollywood's actors are joining screenwriters on strike. Here's why and what happens next

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Hollywood actors are joining screenwriters in the first dual strike from the two unions in more than six decades, with huge consequences for the film and television industry. Here is a look at how it has played out, why it's happening, and what could come next. More than a month of talks on a new three-year contract between the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and the studios, streaming services and production companies that employ them led to little progress, and the tone became openly hostile in the days before union leaders voted to begin a strike on Friday. A last minute intervention from a federal mediator didn't bridge the gap.

Local News 7/17/2023, 9:37am

Road work on McKinley Avenue

Repairs are being made to McKinley Avenue between Riverside and Neely beginning today. The repairs will be complete by the end of July 20, according to a Facilities Planning and Management report. Riverside and Neely will remain open during the road work on McKinley. The Northbound lane of McKinley will be closed from Neely to Riverside today and will be open again at 5:00 p.m. 

National News 7/16/2023, 8:48am

Associated Press: 2024 GOP candidates desperate to make debate stage are finding creative ways to boost donor numbers

With six weeks until the first 2024 Republican presidential debate, some hopefuls are finding creative ways to boost their donor numbers and ensure they make it on stage. Biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy rolled out a plan to let people who raise money for his campaign keep 10% of what they take in from other donors. North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum is offering $20 Mastercard or Visa gift cards in return for campaign donations of as little as $1. Businessman Perry Johnson is offering copies of his book in exchange for donations.

National News 7/13/2023, 12:39pm

Associated Press: First over-the-counter birth control pill gets FDA approval

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. officials have approved the first over-the-counter birth control pill, which will let American women and girls buy contraceptive medication from the same aisle as aspirin and eyedrops. The Food and Drug Administration said Thursday it cleared Perrigo’s once-a-day Opill to be sold without a prescription, making it the first such medication to be moved out from behind the pharmacy counter. The company won’t start shipping the pill until early next year, and there will be no age restrictions on sales.

National News 7/12/2023, 9:20am

Associated Press: Senators call for Supreme Court to follow ethics code like other branches of government

The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, responding to Associated Press investigative stories on the Supreme Court, said Tuesday it was time for the justices to bring their conduct in line with the ethical standards of other branches of government. “If they just establish the basic standards of every other branch of government, it would give us much more confidence in their integrity,” Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said. He commented in Vilnius, Lithuania, where he was attending the NATO summit as part of the U.S. delegation.

News 7/11/2023, 9:18am

Ball State Public Media receives grant award from Indiana Arts Commission and Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations

Ball State Public Media has been awarded grants from The Indiana Arts Commission (IAC) and Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations (IPBS) to support its arts and culture content initiative. The IAC also recognized Ball State Public Media as an Indiana Arts Trust award winner. The grants will enable Ball State Public Media to launch a comprehensive arts and culture initiative. 

World News 7/9/2023, 7:56am

Associated Press: Zelenskyy hails Ukraine's soldiers from a symbolic Black Sea island to mark 500 days of war

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy marked the 500th day of the war Saturday by hailing the country's soldiers in a video from a Black Sea island that became the symbol of Ukraine’s resilience in the face of the Russian invasion. Speaking from Snake Island, Zelenskyy honored the Ukrainian soldiers who fought for the island and all other defenders of the country, saying that reclaiming control of the island “is a great proof that Ukraine will regain every bit of its territory.”

News 7/5/2023, 8:10am

Ball State University and Heartland Film partner for film production students

Ball State University film production students are getting an opportunity to learn from Heartland Film, an Indianapolis-based company according to the press release. Heartland Film is well known for hosting the Heartland International Film Festival. It will also be a partnership between Heartland and the University’s new Radiance Cinema. 

National News 7/4/2023, 7:27am

Associated Press: The American flag wasn't always revered as it is today. At the beginning, it was an afterthought

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — In the bedroom of the Betsy Ross House, a reconstruction of where the upholsterer worked on her most famous commission, a long flag with a circle of 13 stars hangs over a Chippendale side chair and extends across the floor. Over the weeks in 1776 needed to complete the project, Ross would have likely knelt on the flag, stood on it and treated it more like an everyday banner — not with the kind of reverence we'd expect today.

Local Events 7/3/2023, 11:13am

Where to celebrate Independence Day in Delaware County

As Independence Day approaches there are a variety of locations to celebrate around Muncie and Delaware County. The City of Muncie will have Fireworks on The Levee. It will be on the Muncie Central High School grounds. It is an annual tradition and will also be able to be viewed from the downtown area. It is free to the public. The Canan Commons will have “Our American Character” with America’s Hometown Band. They will be playing the Fourth of July music. It is free and open to all with lawn space available. It will be concluded with fireworks. 

National News 7/2/2023, 8:50am

Associated Press: What to know about Fourth of July holiday origins and traditions

ST. LOUIS (AP) — The Fourth of July is Americana at its core: parades and cookouts and cold beer and, of course, fireworks. Those pyrotechnics also make it an especially dangerous holiday, typically resulting in more than 10,000 trips to the emergency room. Yet fireworks remain at the center of Independence Day, a holiday 247 years in the making. Here are five things to know about July Fourth, including the origin of the holiday and how fireworks became part of the tradition.

National News 7/1/2023, 10:13am

Associated Press: Morning-after pill vending machines gain popularity on college campuses post-Roe

SEATTLE (AP) — Need Plan B? Tap your credit card and enter B6. Since last November, a library at the University of Washington has featured a different kind of vending machine, one that's become more popular on campuses around the country since the U.S. Supreme Court ended constitutional protections for abortion last year. It's stocked with ibuprofen, pregnancy tests and the morning-after pill.