news 5/24/2021, 10:00am

Five international stories of the week

India surpasses 300,000 COVID-19 deaths, Italy probes a cable car crash, Iran agrees to extend a deal on cameras at its nuclear sites, the U.S. reaches out to Palestinian leaders and Japan opens mass vaccination centers two months before the Olympics make up this week's five international stories.

news 5/19/2021, 12:00pm

Fud's Retro Arcade operates classic games with a modern twist

Traditional arcades have all but disappeared. Gone are the days of breaking open the piggy bank and lugging a pocketful of quarters to the shopping mall for a shot at the high score on Space Invaders. Just about everything has gone fully digital and portable, but a few people still crave coin-operated machines, and one local business owner hopes to appeal to that demographic.

news 5/18/2021, 10:00am

Five national stories of the week

President Biden moves to improve legal services for the poor and minorities, an associate of Rep. Matt Gaetz pleads guilty to sex trafficking charges, the Supreme Court will take up a major abortion rights challenge, the officer charged in the Daunte Wright death will stand trial Dec. 6 and California faces another month until unmasking begins make up this week's five national stories. 

news 5/17/2021, 10:00am

Five international stories of the week

Israeli military strikes continue in the war between Palestinian militant groups and Israel, India begins to recover from its rise in COVID-19 cases, Saudi Arabia lifts its travel ban for vaccinated citizens, the United Kingdom works to lift all COVID-19 restrictions next month and China landed a spacecraft on Mars make up this week's five international stories.

news 5/8/2021, 4:00pm

Ball State spring 2021 graduates celebrate in-person commencement

Ball State had never hosted a commencement ceremony at Scheumann Stadium before May 7, but administrators chose the venue because of its ability to host people while still following COVID-19 health guidelines. Seats on Scheumann’s turf were socially distanced and sanitized between ceremonies. Graduates were limited to four guest tickets each. Guests were also socially distanced on the bleachers.

news 5/7/2021, 2:12pm

Ball State returning to traditional academic calendar for fall 2021

At the May 7 in-person meeting, the Ball State Board of Trustees approved a resolution regarding COVID-19 protocols on campus. Ball State President Geoffrey Mearns led the presentation, where he said most of campus life will be returning to normal in the fall, including scheduled fall and Thanksgiving breaks. The spring 2022 semester will also include a spring break March 6-13.

news 5/1/2021, 10:30am

Ball State hosts 2021 bed races

An annual Homecoming event at Ball State broke away from tradition Friday afternoon. The Bed Races, which have traditionally been held on Riverside Avenue, were instead held at the University Track at Briner Sports Complex to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

news 4/30/2021, 12:00pm

Ball State faculty, national statistics predict job market growth in COVID-19 recovery

More than 3 million students are expected to earn degrees from colleges and universities this spring, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Those students will enter the job market as the nation continues to recover from the COVID-induced recession, which the National Bureau of Economic Research states began in February 2020. However, new and recent college graduates may be in a better position than other candidates seeking new careers.