news 6/1/2021, 10:00am

Five national stories of the week

Hundreds gathered at a historic Tulsa church's prayer wall, the United States celebrated Memorial Day as the nation slowly emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, California hopes to use shuttered malls and stores for new housing, more U.S. citizens have been apprehended for moving drugs over the Mexico border and a manhunt for three shooters in Miami continues make up this week's five national stories.

news 5/31/2021, 10:00am

Five international stories of the week

China is easing birth limits to cope with its aging society, Turkish agents capture nephew of a US-based cleric overseas, the United Kingdom is vaccinating more people to fight the variant from India, Czech police call for indictment in the premier's fraud case and Germany and Slovakia arrest two people in trafficking raids make up this week's five international stories. 

news 5/26/2021, 8:00pm

Indiana Chief Equity, Inclusion and Opportunity Officer Karah Herring shares her progress in first four months of position

In November 2020, Karrah Herring was appointed as the Indiana government’s first-ever chief equity, inclusion and opportunity officer by Gov. Eric Holcomb, a position she stepped into in February of this year. On May 26, 2021, she reflected in a Zoom presentation on her goals to build diversity and foster an inclusive environment within the state government to better provide services to every state citizen.

news 5/26/2021, 6:00pm

Ball State announces new mask guidance outdoors effective June 1

In a campus-wide email sent Wednesday afternoon, Ball State Vice President for Business Affairs Alan Finn and Vice President for Student Affairs Ro-Anne Royer Engle announced fully vaccinated people on Ball State's campus will no longer be required to wear masks outdoors effective June 1.

news 5/26/2021, 12:00pm

MCS teachers to receive unprecedented pay raises

Less than a month after approving $1,000 stipends for all active school district employees for the additional work required due to COVID-19, the Muncie Community Schools (MCS) Board of Trustees is boosting teachers’ pay again. The board approved salary increases for all teachers ranging from $2,400 to $5,200 annually. It has also raised starting teacher pay to $42,000, up from $38,500.

news 5/25/2021, 10:00am

Five national stories of the week

Moderna announces its COVID-19 vaccine works in kids as young as 12, a key impeachment witness sues former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, activists plan a festival in Minneapolis in honor of George Floyd, the agency that grants citizenship eyes improved services without a plan to pay for it and the western fire season starts much drier than it did in 2020 make up this week's five national stories.

news 5/24/2021, 10:00am

Five international stories of the week

India surpasses 300,000 COVID-19 deaths, Italy probes a cable car crash, Iran agrees to extend a deal on cameras at its nuclear sites, the U.S. reaches out to Palestinian leaders and Japan opens mass vaccination centers two months before the Olympics make up this week's five international stories.

news 5/19/2021, 12:00pm

Fud's Retro Arcade operates classic games with a modern twist

Traditional arcades have all but disappeared. Gone are the days of breaking open the piggy bank and lugging a pocketful of quarters to the shopping mall for a shot at the high score on Space Invaders. Just about everything has gone fully digital and portable, but a few people still crave coin-operated machines, and one local business owner hopes to appeal to that demographic.

news 5/18/2021, 10:00am

Five national stories of the week

President Biden moves to improve legal services for the poor and minorities, an associate of Rep. Matt Gaetz pleads guilty to sex trafficking charges, the Supreme Court will take up a major abortion rights challenge, the officer charged in the Daunte Wright death will stand trial Dec. 6 and California faces another month until unmasking begins make up this week's five national stories.