News 2/1/2018, 3:00pm

Some students want more from Ball State dining

A student goes into Woodworth, hoping to grab a quick meal. As they wait in line, dining staff goes out back for extra food. Then, the staff comes inside, changes their gloves and prepares the student’s food away from everyone else. 

News 2/1/2018, 12:00pm

Ball State, MCS situations similar to one in Boston

Ball State could be the next organization to run Muncie Community Schools. Yes, this would mean a postsecondary education institution would run a public school district, but it has happened before and the circumstances were quite similar. 

News 2/1/2018, 10:00am

SGA to add 5 charging stations across campus

Student Government Association will place five new charging stations across campus in either Woodworth, the Atrium or Cooper Science Building, said treasurer Kaia Thompson at SGA’s meeting on Wednesday.