News 9/4/2019, 2:18pm

‘We need help’: Rescuers in Bahamas face a ruined landscape

FREEPORT, Bahamas (AP) — Rescue crews in the Bahamas fanned out across a blasted landscape of smashed and flooded homes Wednesday, trying to reach drenched and stunned victims of Hurricane Dorian and take the full measure of the disaster. The official death toll stood at seven but was certain to rise.

News 9/1/2019, 3:06pm

Police: 7 killed, 22 injured in West Texas shooting rampage

Authorities said Sunday they still could not explain why a man with an AR-style weapon opened fire during a routine traffic stop in West Texas to begin a terrifying rampage that killed seven people, injured 22 others and ended with officers gunning him down outside a movie theater.

News 9/1/2019, 12:41pm

Dorian closes in on Bahamas as dangerous Category 5 storm

Large waves and heavy winds pounded the northern Bahamas on Sunday as Hurricane Dorian barreled toward the islands as a catastrophic Category 5 storm with 180 mph winds while authorities made a last-minute plea for those in low-lying areas to evacuate before it’s too late. 

News 8/29/2019, 10:00am

Hurricane heads for Florida after brushing Caribbean islands

 SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Hurricane Dorian moved out over open  waters early Thursday after doing limited damage in Puerto Rico and the  Virgin Islands, though forecasters warned it was becoming more dangerous  while moving toward the northern Bahamas and Florida’s east coast.