News 3/24/2020, 10:00am

5 national stories of the week

Missteps at the nation’s top public agency, coronavirus becoming the 2020 election’s theme, people being forced to work from home, the struggling coal industry and criminal charges against the nation’s largest utility company make up this week’s five national stories.

News 3/23/2020, 1:00pm

Indiana Gov. Holcomb announces 'stay-at-home' order

Indiana Gov. Eric J. Holcomb delivered a statewide address Monday to order Hoosiers remain in their homes except when they are at work or for permitted activities, such as taking care of others, obtaining necessary supplies and for health and safety.

News 3/23/2020, 10:00am

5 international stories of the week

Stories related to the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. secretary of state’s visit to Kabul, North Korea test firing missiles, the hanging of four men convicted for a fatal gang rape in India and the death of the last surviving German honored for saving Jews during the Holocaust make up this week’s five international stories.

News 3/21/2020, 1:00pm

Singer, actor, ‘The Gambler’: Kenny Rogers dies at 81

Actor-singer Kenny Rogers, the smooth, Grammy-winning balladeer who spanned jazz, folk, country and pop with such hits as “Lucille,” “Lady” and “Islands in the Stream” and embraced his persona as “The Gambler” on record and on TV, died Friday night. He was 81.